How Smart Glass Partitions Improve Office Spaces

Sometimes your office needs to serve multiple functions such as a private space for meetings, a breakout area or even a space to project important presentations. It can sometimes be difficult to find a solution to facilitate all of these functions without multiple costs and suppliers.

At Applied Workplace, we can achieve just that with one solution: privacy smart glass. Although smart glass has been around for a few years, you may not have realised it’s an option for your office. We have put together some of the biggest benefits of smart glass partitions and why you should consider them for your space.

Privacy Control

The major benefit of switchable smart glass is privacy control. No matter what your office is needed for, you can adapt to suit the situation. By changing the opacity with just the click of a button you can have client meetings in confidence whilst also keeping the stylish translucent walls the rest of the time. Although frosted glass might seem like an easier solution, with privacy smart glass, you can maintain natural light levels and an inviting, modern office space.


Smart glass in offices doesn’t have to just be used for privacy, by installing this in your office you can also save extra costs and space. Due to the flexible opacity, you can change your glass walls into a projector screen, meaning you don’t need to buy one and you don’t need to waste time and space setting it up either.

Offices can go through a lot of change with the seasons, during the summer months you might find your glass wall partitions make your office very warn. By using switchable smart glass, you can reduce the amount of sunlight in the office and therefore keep your space cooler.

Low Maintenance

Another great feature of smart glass partitions is that they are very low maintenance. Despite all the extra features, they don’t require any more care than standard glass. Therefore, you don’t need to buy blinds or curtains that require regular dusting or replacing when they fade. This is another great example of the money-saving benefits of smart glass and how it can function in a modern office.


What if you already have glass partitions that you can’t replace? Try switchable smart film! At Applied Workplace, we offer high-quality, self-adhesive switchable smart film which you can apply to existing partitions. This allows you to transform an existing glass partition to a frosted partition at the click of a switch plus all the other benefits of smart glass.

If you are creating a modular office or giving your space an update with smart glass partitions, generally it is operated by an electrical switch and controlled by remote control. However, if you already have a smart office, you can link the new panels to your existing system! This ensures your space is cohesive and works for you.

If you are looking to incorporate bespoke office partitions, then get in contact with Applied Workplace. We have over 20 years of experience installing high-quality glass wall partitions in offices and residential properties. Call us on 01202 577776 to speak to one of our team about your glass interior design project.