Why You Should Use Solid Wall Partitions In Your Office

Solid office partitions sound like a permanent solution to change your office layout. However, they are more flexible and modern than you might think. Like their glass counterparts, solid partition walls are demountable, can be branded to fit your company, and are a much cheaper option than a standard wall. When used in combination with glass partitioning, you can create an open, functional, and stylish office space.

How will solid office partitions work in my office?

You might have several office layout ideas for your workplace, including break-out spaces or a meeting room for client calls. All these options have different requirements. Solid partition walls can be made to fit your space, creating privacy where required and allowing for creativity in your office.

Using solid partition walls in this way means you can be more productive with your space such as making the most of the walls for picture frames, whiteboards, or even as projector screens. Solid partition walls also have the bonus of being demountable, so if you find that the space isn’t working for you, then it can be easily changed! Internal glass partitions can work alongside solid partition walls to create alternative and multi-functional office spaces.

Applied Workplace solid wall partitions can be made to fit your brand with whatever colours or designs that you require. Just because they are demountable, doesn’t mean that they have to be generic! Therefore, you can style your office in a way that works for you, without being concerned that your new design won’t match the rest of your brand. Office glass partitions can also be branded with glass manifestation, so your whole office can have a cohesive and modern design.

What are the benefits of solid and glass partition walls?

Not only will you be able to create your ideal office space, but solid partition walls also provide a host of other benefits. By dividing up your office, you can create private areas for focussed working or a break space allowing employees to relax. Solid office partitions also reduce sound pollution around the office, again, adding more privacy and enhancing focus.

However, solid office partitions can reduce the amount of natural light in your office spaces. By using glass office partitions alongside your solid partitions you get the added benefits of dividing your space whilst maintaining a welcoming feel and light and airy workspace. Internal glass partitions can even help to reduce sound transmission, so you won’t need to worry too much about compromising on that when planning your office layout.

The biggest benefit of solid and glass partition walls is that they can be installed with minimum disruption to your office. Our experts have our partitions pre-decorated and ready to go, so we will be able to install quickly, meaning you don’t have to wait weeks for work to be completed.

If you are looking to incorporate solid wall partitions into your office, then get in contact with Applied Workplace. We have over 20 years of experience installing high-quality wall partitions in offices and residential properties. Call us on 01202 577776 to speak to one of our team about your glass interior design project.