3 Stylish Glass Partition Ideas for Your Office

Thinking about changing your office space but not sure where to begin? The team at Applied Workplace have put together 3 helpful glass partition ideas to give you the design inspiration needed to create a modern and professional office.

1. Acoustic glass partitions

In busy office spaces or even a home office, it can sometimes be difficult to get the quiet you need to focus on the task at hand. That’s why many businesses look to acoustic partitions to separate quieter sections of the office without losing the sense of open space. Acoustic partitions provide a good level of soundproofing to block out external noise whilst allowing internal conversations to remain private.

2. Glass Manifestations

Glass partitions look stylish as part of almost any office space, but sometimes yourself or clients would like more privacy than just soundproofing walls. Glass manifestations (or glazed partitions) work two-fold for your office; they can be used to stop people looking in on confidential meetings and they help establish your branding by having your logo etched in for a professional look. The manifestation can be your full logo or maybe some geometric shapes in your brand colours for a subtle finish.

3. Demountable Office Partitions

If your office space is constantly changing and employees and rooms can often need rearranging, then demountable partitions are your solution. With options such as removable glass partitions, you can flexibly change your office layout to suit your exact requirements. The partitions can be assembled and relocated efficiently whilst still looking professional. This is the ideal option for businesses who experience growth spells or start-ups looking to excel quickly!

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