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Do you want to install office or glass partitioning? Not sure if the partition wall cost will relate to your budget? You can get a partition wall cost estimate using our instant quote calculator.

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Office Partition Measuring Guide

Partition Measuring Guide
Estimate the size of your desired office, glass or demountable partition with our partition measuring guide.

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Demountable Partitions

Pivoting and hinged doors available as standard. Sliding doors are available at an additional cost.


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All estimates for glass are based on our non-fire rated single glazed Quartzline system with 10mm toughened safety glass up to 2600nm and 12mm up to a maximum of 3000mm high with single hinged glass doors, lever lock and manual pivot patch hinges, floor springs, door frames and Hydraulic side patch hinges available at additional cost. Quoted costs include 2 rows of 50mm dot manifestation film on glass only, Privacy bands bespoke designs can be costed on request. 10.8mm and 12.8mm Acoustic laminated glass available at additional cost along with double hinged and sliding glass doors, double glazed systems and glazing bands for a Crittal style affect. Installations on the edge of upper floors with no balustrade will require toughened laminated glass panels at additional cost. Up to 60 minute Fire rated systems can be quoted on requested.

Solid is based on our non-fire rated Fastline 75mm demountable system with vinyl covered plasterboard panels and clip joints to a maximum ceiling height of 3000mm, standard height 44mm solid core timber doors with lever locks, full height doors and glazed vision panels available at additional cost along with a 100mm system, single and double glazed units which can be full or part height and double glazed also available with integral blinds. Costs do not include corners or 135 degree junctions which can be added on receipt of layout plan or following survey. Taped, jointed and decorated systems can be provided at additional cost. Up to 30 minute Fire rated systems can be quoted on request.

Please contact us if the ceiling height exceeds 3000mm as solutions may be available.

Installation is based on Ground Floor only (excluding Isle of Man, Scotland, Isle of Wight, Jersey, Ireland and Northern Ireland) and assume all works including cutting and drilling during normal working hours which are Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm (out of hours installations can be undertaken at additional cost), suitable access for all materials and clear working areas, costs submitted are for budget purposes only and strictly subject to site survey, following this a formal quotation for the works will be submitted to include all aspects of the installation not included in the online estimate.

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