How To Enhance Your Brand With Glass Manifestation

If you are thinking about how glass office partitioning can work for your company, you will want to know that it can be multifunctional and still add personality to your workspace. At Applied Workplace, we offer several options for glass partition wall customisation, including smart glass and glass manifestation. Glass partition manifestation is particularly effective in enhancing your brand, whilst maintaining an open office space.


The best thing about glass manifestation design is that the world is your oyster. It is a great opportunity to show visitors, and colleagues what your company is all about. Whether that is clean lines or patterns to catch the eye, you can showcase your personality in your office space.

A great way of achieving this is by incorporating your logo into the design. This doesn’t have to be done using brand colours, but with simple privacy film, you can let natural light around the office but maintain areas for a private conversation. At Applied Workplace, glass office partitions are also fully demountable, meaning that if you relocate the partitions can go with you, saving you the cost of replacing them for your new office space.


Don’t feel that you are limited to plain glass. If you want to add some fun to your office but also want to avoid the darkness created by solid walls, then consider adding colour to your glass manifestation. If you are a creative company then this can be the perfect way of showcasing what you do to a client before they even decide to work with you.


Although they are many creative benefits to glass partition manifestation, we acknowledge that offices also need to be a functional environment. When redesigning an office, you will need to provide areas for privacy such as meetings, interviews and chill out areas. If your space is limited and doesn’t want to stop light from coming in, then a glass partition wall with privacy film are the answer. These can be designed in a way that reflects your company whilst also providing your colleagues with the space they need.


Another incredibly useful aspect of glass partition manifestations is the flexibility they provide. If you have had glass partitions up for some time and want to add branding or improve privacy, you can use smart film to recreate your space. With smart glass film, a glass manifestation can be easily fitted to an existing glass partition wall and it can be removed and updated whenever needed.

If you are looking to incorporate bespoke glass office partitions into your space, then get in contact with Applied Workplace. We have over 20 years of experience installing high-quality glass wall partitions in offices and residential properties. If you have a plan in mind, get a free, instant quote today or if you want to discuss your options, call us on 01202 577776 to speak to one of our team about your glass interior design project.