Do you install in London?

We install our demountable partitions throughout the UK, including London.

Will you survey the site before you start work?

Yes, we have to conduct a site survey before any works commences.

What is your lead time?

Our lead time can be as little as 2-3 weeks depending on the system we are installing.

Do you provide glass manifestation and decorative glass film?

Yes, we can install a range of manifestations on our glass partitions, from the standard two rows of dots to a bespoke designs.

Are your demountable partitions fire rated?

We do offer some fire rated glass partitions and walls, however not all our partition systems are fireproof.

What level of soundproofing can I expect?

Our solid and glass partitions offer levels of sound reduction from Rw32db to Rw51db. This low level of sound transmission is ideal for office and residential partitions. To learn more, read our helpful guide to acoustic partitions.

Do you fit on underfloor heating?

Yes, in most cases as we have a thermal scanner that enables us to locate the pipes and fit in between.

Do you provide freestanding partitions?

Yes, we supply a range of freestanding partition solutions.

How long will the installation take?

Depending on the size of the project and demountable partition chosen some installations can be completed in one day. At Applied Workplace we aim to make the installation as quick and easy as possible to minimize disruption.

Can you install at weekends and evenings?

Yes, we can install our office, residential and industrial partitions out of hours if required.

What happens when service trunking and pipework are in the way?

In most cases, we can scribe the glass or solid partitions around these.

Can you fit a suspended ceiling?

Yes, we can fit suspended ceilings if required.

What height can your solid and glass partitions go up to?

Our solid and glass partitions are designed to suit a ceiling height of 3 meters, however, we can install drop bulkheads if required for ceiling heights above this.

What colour is the perimeter track?

Our glass tracks are RAL9006 Silver or RAL9005 Black as standard and we can coat the framework of all our systems to your RAL colour choice.

Do doors have locks?

We fit locks as standard to our glass swing doors. Door locks are also an option on sliding and timber doors, where we can supply mechanical push button digi-locks to glass and timber doors for access control.

What is a partition wall?

A partition wall is a divider wall, typically non load bearing, used to separate spaces in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. It’s most common use is as an office partition wall used to create separate offices or meeting rooms. Read more.

Do you fit solid and glass partition walls?

Yes, we offer solid walls in 75mm and 100mm thickness and single and double glazed glass partition walls.

Do you do supply only materials?

We can offer a supply only service if required.

Can the demountable partitions be removed and installed elsewhere in the future?

Our demountable partitions are dry jointed and designed to be demountable/relocatable, however, we use toughened safety glass which is not able to be cut to suit lower heights or widths so re-use of glass is subject to consistent heights and widths, in most cases, our solid system can be cut to fit lower heights and widths.

Do you supply and install sliding partitions/folding walls?

Yes, we can supply a range of operable walls with laminate, veneer and whiteboard panels along with single and double glazed panel options.

Will you work for main contractors?

Yes, we will work for main contractors in most cases subject to the payment and contract terms.

Do you undertake associated works i.e. electrics, plumbing or decorating?

Yes, we can undertake electrical, plumbing, decoration, flooring works etc. using our selected sub-contractors.

What are your payment terms?

Our standard payment terms are 50% deposit, with the balance payable following receipt of the final invoice. Our invoices are raised following practical completion of the works (excluding bespoke manifestation film on glass partitions). Read more about partition finance options.

Can I lease my new demountable partitions?

If you are looking to lease your new partitions, we can refer you to a company called Focus Leasing who offer finance options including lease purchase for the cost of the installation.

What Level Of Soundproofing Can I Expect From Acoustic Partitions?

Acoustic partitions offer different levels of soundproofing, depending on the quality of fitting and type of partition, and other factors including wall construction, floor and ceiling coating. The placement of furniture, particularly in offices, may also influence the level of soundproofing. Read more about acoustic partitions.

How To Maintain Social Distancing in an Office?

To ensure your office complies with social distancing, it’s important to physically arrange work areas that keep people two metres apart. This may mean redesigning your office space. Solid and glass partition walls are an affordable way to create separate areas within an office – find out more.

Where to Buy Office Desk Dividers?

Desk dividers are available from several office supply shops and they are usually made of plastic or glass. However, if you are wondering where to buy office desk dividers, Applied Workplace is the ideal place. Our innovative clear desk dividers are available as self-supporting protective screens or desktop partitions.  Read more.

Where to Buy Office Partitions?

Office partitions can be bought easily online through an office  partitions company, which can customise and tailor office partition walls to fit  your office layout ideas and requirements. Read more.

How Can I Divide A Room Without A Wall?

You can divide your room without a wall by using either room dividers, partition walls or even blinds. This all varies depending on which room you are looking to divide and what the purpose of your divider is. Is it for added privacy, noise proofing, aesthetics, or functionality. Read more.

How to Make a Room Divider?

A room divider is typically a partition wall or a screen that is used to section off a space within a room. They can be used to create a private space, block out surrounding sound or to define certain areas of a room. Read more.

What Are Japanese Room Dividers Called?

Japanese room dividers are called Shoji Blinds. Shoji Blinds are a fundamental part of traditional Japanese interiors. They are essentially a type of partition wall that divides different areas within Japanese homes. Read more.

How Can I Soundproof My Office?

You can soundproof your office with acoustic glass and solid partition walls.  Although a completely soundproof office is not achievable with most wall partitions available on the market, a level of sound reduction can be generated that will be sufficient for workspaces. Read more.

How Do You Temporarily Divide A Room?

You can temporarily divide a room by using demountable partitions. Demountable partitions are a type of non-permanent room divider which can easily be taken down without causing damage to floors or ceilings. Read more.

What Can I Use As A Room Divider?

You can use partition wall systems or screens as a room divider. Which you opt for will depend on if you want partial or complete floor-to-ceiling coverage. Learn more.

What Is a Glass Partition?

A glass partition is a glass wall used to separate open spaces. This helps differentiate areas within a room without the need for building works. Read more.

What Is a Folding Partition?

A folding partition wall is an effective solution to maximising space whilst maintaining privacy and reducing noise levels. Folding partitions provide the support and structure of an internal wall. Read more.

What Is An Acoustic Partition?

An acoustic partition is a partition wall which offers soundproofing and are also referred to as sound absorption panels. Partition walls are room dividers which help separate areas and add privacy to desired spaces. Read more.

What Is A Glazed Partition?

A glazed partition is a type of room divider made from panes of glass. These can either be a single glazed partition or double glazed partition. Read more.

What Are Room Dividers Called?

Room dividers are known as partition walls. These are an affordable and practical way of re-organising and optimising space in a room. Read more.

How Much Does A Glass Office Wall Cost?

The cost of a glass office wall will vary depending on the size of the glass, the quantity and the quality. Glazing systems like glass office partitions are highly versatile in the variety of material options. Read more.