Glass and Greenery: Creating a Light & Natural Workspace

Having an office space with glass partitions and lots of plants has shown to increase productivity and improve moral. Plants can also be a great way to divide an office whilst providing some all-important greenery, and a few plants in the right places can help make your office space much more aesthetically pleasing. This combined with glass partition walls which help to let in more light, provide many positive benefits. Read on to find out how you can use glass office partitions and a variety of plants, simple but effective office layout ideas.

Divide office space

Dividing office spaces in the right way is a crucial part of encouraging productivity. It’s important to ensure that office wall partitions are in the right places to encourage collaboration while also allowing staff to have areas where they can work privately. Glass partitions can be an effective way of doing this and we offer a wide variety of custom glass partitions suitable for any office space.

Plants can also be a great way of dividing offices. Whether that’s using a potted plant on a desk to provide some privacy, or using hanging plants to create a natural screen. Having office plants can also make your work space a more welcoming environment for new clients or employees.

Create light and airy rooms

Glass partitions help in creating a much lighter office environment. As they don’t block natural light, a few glass partition walls will be enough to allow light to flow through an office. Having natural light in an office helps with visibility and reduces the energy usage of a building. Find out more about stylish glass partition ideas for your office.

Utilising the space you have is important for any building and glass partitions make window placement less important in an office as light can flow freely. Plants will keep the air in your workspace clean by absorbing harmful chemicals. Adding natural sunlight and greenery to office space creates a more open environment for employees to work in.

Improve well-being and mental health

By adding a few plants to your office space it greatly reduces stress levels of employees. The colour green has a calming effect on the brain, this is partly why incorporating plants into your office layout will reduce overall stress levels.

As well as aiding with stress, plants also give us a boost in creativity. Employees who are able to see a plant from their desk are likely to perform better at logical and artistic tasks. This combined with glass office partitioning and the natural light it provides, will give employees a psychological boost. Read more about employee office design priorities including natural light and personalisation.


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