What Are The Benefits Of Modular Offices?

Modular offices are working spaces that are custom-built to fit within your current building. Incorporating a modular office within your office or factory could be the solution to utilising your space more effectively. You can personalise your space with the option of solid partitions or glass partitions depending on your business needs. In this blog, we discuss the benefits of modular offices and how they could enhance your workspace.


It is important to create a level of privacy that is ideal for your modular warehouse office. Modular offices provide a private, comfortable working space irrespective of their location. They can tuck away in a corner or even be freestanding in your workspace. The transparency of glass partitions will provide an open and inviting environment. The partitions will also minimise noise transmission and thus reduce distractions. If it is complete privacy you are seeking, our solid office partitions will provide you with the secluded space you need. Like the glass alternative, solid partitions are also demountable and can use your company branding for their design.

Cost Effective

Our modular warehouse offices make use of demountable partitions. This feature allows your office size to expand, reduce or move to a different location. This option is a much cheaper alternative to building and knocking down walls and is much quicker. Additionally, this makes them ideal for rented spaces where the structure can not be permanently changed. The flexible nature of the modular office is very cost-effective and allows you full control to adjust and modify your space. This provides you with the ability to adapt to the needs of the business.

Quick Installation Times

The impressive installation time for the modular warehouse office is one of the key benefits. This provides the advantage of reducing the disruption to your working day. Assembled in a smooth fashion, the demountable partitions will be pre-built so that they can be installed with ease. This means that your modular warehouse office will usually be ready for use on the same day.

Designated Workspace

The ability to create designated workspaces is one of the biggest benefits of the modular office. Whether you need to separate departments or have a private office, glass partitions can achieve this. They are particularly effective if you want natural light in your workspace but also a private place to work, as you can have them installed with privacy glass. Glass partitions can divide your space whilst enabling a welcoming environment for employees. Solid partitions could be a more appropriate option if you are looking to create a completely private area for focused working or a staff break-out zone. Both types of demountable partitions are viable options to create a multi-functional space to work in an effective and efficient manner.

If you are looking to incorporate a modular warehouse office into your space, then contact Applied Workplace. We have over 20 years of experience installing high-quality glass partitions across the country. Get a quote online or call us on 01202 577776 to speak to one of our team about your new modular office.