4 Ways To Modernise Your Office

Modern office spaces are one of the biggest draws for new people joining your team, as well as being a major reason for encouraging existing team members to come back to the office more regularly. You can create new spaces in the office with glass office partitions, therefore promoting new ways of working and suiting all your company’s needs. In this blog, we have outlined a few other ways that you can modernise your office and make it an inviting place to work.

1) Group Working

Large offices can feel isolating if each person is in their pod with their head down. Although these spaces are helpful sometimes, group working promotes creativity and productivity. One way of achieving this is by using larger desks with sockets nearby, to allow colleagues to have longer meetings or just have someone nearby to bounce ideas off.

However, not everyone wants to work in this way all the time, a truly modern office has multipurpose spaces that allow your colleagues to work in the way that is best for them. If your office is a big open-plan space, you can divide this up to create coworking and individual spaces by using office partitions. This means that meeting spaces can be sectioned off so that they are not disruptive to other employees, likewise, office partition systems can work in a way that promotes quiet areas for complete focus.

2) Curved spaces

Although it doesn’t sound like the most space-effective way to lay out your office, using curved glass office partitions to create new spaces, rather than straight lines, has shown to be more calming for the people in the office. This is because straight edges are very rigid and seemingly immovable. By using curved areas, you can reduce stress and promote creativity. At Applied Workplace, we can provide whatever shape of glass partition walls you want, so that you can create spaces that reflect your company. You can also use smart glass on all our demountable partitions, therefore creating multi-use office spaces. Using smart glass partition walls means that these spaces can become private meeting rooms and the frosted glass can even be used as a screen for projectors.

3) Change the colour palette

Using neutral tones such as beige and white has been exceedingly popular in recent years, and although these are calming, they don’t necessarily inject personality into your office. One way to modernise your office is to change this up, why not consider bright colours to boost the mood of yourself and your colleagues?

If you are in a rented office space and painting isn’t allowed, you could try glass manifestation on your demountable partitions, so not only can you inject some colour into your space, but you can also promote your brand. You can carry this throughout your office with pops of colour in office furniture, accessories or art on the walls.

4) Accessorise

Plants and pictures are fantastic ways to soften your space and modernise it. No one wants their office to feel clinical and cold, accessories are a cheap and easy way to make it feel more inviting. As discussed above, they are also a great way to inject some colour into your office. These accessories also do not have to be damaging to our planet, plants have lots of benefits for the mental health of colleagues, as well as being completely natural. You don’t need to worry about their well-being either, if you use glass office partitions, there will be plenty of natural light too, so your plants will always look their best. You can also buy cushions and art made of recycled materials, promoting natural spaces and a feeling of calm throughout the office.

If you are looking to incorporate modern office partitions into your space, then contact Applied Workplace. We have over 20 years of experience installing high-quality glass office partitions across the country. Get a quote online or call us on 01202 577776 to speak to one of our team about your new office partition system.