How To Make Use Of Glass Partitions In Your Restaurant

In recent years restaurants have started to use glass partitions to give their space a new look, as well as to ensure that customers are safe. Restaurant partitions are ideal for introducing new spaces to your restaurant, creating a feeling of exclusivity, and allowing you to leave a lasting impression on your diners.

Create Atmosphere

Sectioning off spaces for larger tables and events is a great way to create a fun atmosphere in your restaurant. For groups who are celebrating, these spaces allow them to feel special and enjoy conversation without interrupting other diners. Glass partitions are particularly useful for this because they allow light to flow through the room. This ensures that the group still feels included in the overall atmosphere of the restaurant and doesn’t leave them in a dark room away from it all. If you find that your space needs reworking, our demountable glass partitions allow you to move your spaces to work in the best way for you.

Emphasise Your Brand

One of the benefits of restaurant glass partitions is that you can make them bespoke for your brand. For a sleek look, you can choose frameless glass partitions that allow in lots of light but also divide up your spaces for different dining areas. For a more industrial feel you could consider our crittall style partitions, this adds on-trend matt black to your space and ensures your restaurant is modern and inviting.

The best way to inject your style into your business is by using glass manifestations on your restaurant partitions. Not only does this add privacy for diners, without compromising on light or atmosphere, but it also shows off your branding. Glass manifestations can use colours or simple privacy frosting, depending on the style you want to go for.

Organise Your Space

If you are first opening up your restaurant and the large open space is overwhelming, demountable partitions provide a flexible solution. They are an effective way of adding new dimensions, from separating events rooms or even meeting spaces if your restaurant functions more during the day. One way of organising your space is to use glass partitions to section off the bar, this takes some noise away from people who are eating but also creates an exclusive, high-end feel to the space. Using restaurant partitions to create an arch is inviting and encourages people to spend some more time at the bar socialising.

If you are looking to renovate and add demountable glass partitions to your restaurant, then get in contact with Applied Workplace. With over 20 years of experience installing high-quality glass wall partitions in a variety of properties, we can create the ultimate space to fit your needs., Get a free, instant quote today or if you want to discuss your options, call us on 01202 577776 to speak to one of our team.