Pros & Cons of Modular Warehouse Offices

Modular warehouse offices are working spaces that have been constructed and assembled using individual parts such as walls, doors and ceilings. A modular office within a warehouse offers a variety of benefits, but there are some drawbacks to be aware of. In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of modular warehouse offices and warehouse partition wall systems to determine whether they could be the right fit for your business.

Pros of modular warehouse offices

Temporary or permanent

Every so often the layout of a warehouse may need to be moved around and areas relocated to accommodate new stock or a shift in business. Our modular warehouse partitions can be easily dismantled, moved and used elsewhere in the warehouse or even relocated to another site. That means modular warehouse offices can be used to create temporary office spaces or more permanent areas. We offer a range of practical partitions wall systems for warehouses and factories, from solid opaque structures to robust glass industrial partition walls.

Reduced costs

The act of building rooms with walls from bricks and mortar is inevitably an expensive one. Modular offices are simple structures that effectively create separate spaces in working environments. This makes modular warehouse offices an extremely cost-effect solution, saving you money on planning, construction and labour costs.

Creating these separate spaces can also save you costs further down the line. Providing staff with the correct facilities such as warehouse divider walls to perform their role can improve productivity, quality control and efficiency. Our glass modular office spaces can even be built using noise minimising partitions, reducing the impact of sound within the office for a distraction-free working environment. Find out more about acoustic partitions.

Industrial Glass Partition Walls

Quick installation times

Whether you are looking to create a practical modern workspace tucked in a corner or one that’s freestanding within your warehouse or factory, our custom-built modular warehouse offices are incredibly quick and easy to install. That means the time spent on site constructing your modular office is reduced and reduced time on site means less disruption to your working day and workers. When the day comes, all you need to do is have space cleared so that we can assemble your modular office swiftly and efficiently – and in most cases, offices are ready to use that same day.

Cons of modular warehouse offices

Restricted flexibility

Although in many cases a warehouse modular office is a flexible solution, module sizes and shapes can be limiting. If you are wanting to create multi-story spaces or a space that cannot be supported easily, then a modular office may not be for you.

However, as experts in building workspaces that work around you, we’ll happily take a look at your particular requirements and discuss your options. We offer all kinds of partition wall styles, from industrial-style Crittall glass partitions to curved glass partitions and even double glazed glass partitions, so you are bound to find the perfect solution.

Modular Warehouse & Factory Offices

Can be expensive

Depending on the size, spec and design work involved, modular offices can be a considerable investment. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When you consider cost savings when you choose a modular office space over building solid wall rooms, it an effective alternative. And if you are simply looking for a straightforward private factory office, a warehouse modular office is a relatively inexpensive solution to achieving a separate working space.

Overall, the pros of a warehouse modular office far outweigh the cons. Whether you’re after a simple and private construction or a contemporary sound-proof glass structure, Applied Workplace has over 20 years of experience installing the highest quality office partitions. We even offer partition finance options based on your needs and budget. Contact us today by calling 01202 577 776 to speak to our friendly team or fill in our online partitional wall price calculator for an instant quote.