Find the perfect office partitions for your space

Glass Office PartitionsIf you have purchased commercial premises, it is likely that you will want to make adjustments to suit your circumstances.  The premises may well require internal adaptation and what better way to do it than cost effective office partitions.  Partitions come in many sizes and models.  You may want floor to ceiling office partitions for maximum privacy, or half height partitions so that employees can still converse over the screens.  Whatever your requirements, there will be office partitions which can be configured to suit you.

Office partitions are the ideal solution for separating up office space into manageable units.  Whether they are temporary or permanent, they can be stylish and modern and are available in a wide range of materials.   If you have purchased a warehouse, you may want to divide off a section for office use, and why not use glass office partitions or solid partitions?  In large spaces, office dividers can provide extra “wall” space making the space more useable and enabling charts and other materials to be stuck to the wall.  More wall space means more opportunities to put cabinets and cupboards along it, and hanging space on the walls.  They are convenient, quick and easy to install and can be removed just as easily if they are no longer required.

Demountable office partitions can be used in all kinds of situations and are far preferable to the old fashioned method of built in office partitions using a wooden framework and plaster board.  Modern office partitions can be installed with the minimum of fuss and are very cost effective.  You don’t have to wait for the builder to cut wood to size, fit a frame, hammer it into position and then fit the plasterboard, plaster and paint.  All of this is negated by having standard sizes of office partitions and selecting the ones for your purpose.  The surface finish is clean and bright and easy to maintain. Some office partitions serve as screens for a small kitchen area, others for making conference areas.  They are adaptable and flexible, easy to move if you want to reconfigure spaces, and very useful if you have a number of projects and want to divide the space into areas for different purposes.  If you have a big room which is used for many purposes, using office partitions to temporarily divide off sections  is ideal.  Once the job is finished, you can simply disassemble the sections and store them away for future use, or move them to other premises as required.

When designing the office space to make a comfortable, efficient work area, make sure you adhere to all health and safety practices. Do not block emergency exits or doorways, make sure the office partitions do not block emergency lighting or even cover up floor lighting.  Make sure that there are no sections sticking out which can be tripped over, or overhead pieces which can catch out the unwary.  Your supplier should be able to give you all the assistance and advice you need, and be able to work from a sketch to maximise use of the space.

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