Five Of YouTube’s Funniest Office Rages

Occasionally, we all do something in the office that results in an incredible sense of embarrassment. Yet most of us are fortunate enough not to have anyone present when this occurs. However, in the case of an unlucky few, these moments are witnessed and then uploaded online.

Even if you are the most experienced and highly regarded person in your workplace, you cannot escape the possibility of becoming an online viral star for all the wrong reasons. However, for now you can relax and merely watch the misfortune of others, sat within the safety (and concealment) of your office.

That Monday Morning Feeling

All office-dwellers can relate to this video. It is questionably staged, but we can all sympathise with the sheer frustration.

You’ve had a wonderful weekend, made some unforgettable memories, and drank a few too many at the pub … but today is Monday and the fun and games are over. So naturally, the office technology decides it’s a great time to pack in. A choice that proves fatal on its part.

Putting Phones on Silent Saves Lives

There’s nothing more infuriating than when someone’s phone keeps ringing during a presentation. Particularly if their ring-tone bares any vague resemblance to Disney or the Crazy Frog theme tune. However, when they have the cheek to answer that call – twice – there is a chance you could eventually act upon your irritation.

Well this guy certainly did, and the consequences are pretty explosive- luckily his colleagues are there to rein him in.

When Office Colleagues Go Primal

Another ringing phone, another instance of explosive rage. It appears that as the anger grows the aggression that follows become all the more primal. Clearly a massive over reaction?

It obviously isn’t acceptable to replicate this behaviour the next time your colleague’s phone rings, but at least now you can picture what you would do if you could.

Workplace Woes

It’s never easy to sit next to someone who is plagued with illness. You try to subtly shift further away from them, but then you realise that their used tissues are just as subtly making their way over towards your workspace. You’ve reached breaking point.

In this little rendition, we get to enjoy a couple of work colleagues taking this to the extreme. And whilst the victim does deal with it rather well, we can all see through that smile pasted on his face.

Alternative Uses for Bubble Wrap 

Who knew bubble wrap could be such a useful tool for supressing phone calls? We’ll definitely be putting that one to use in the future.

However, what got us crackin’ up was his response to a paper plane invasion. Does he politely ask them to stop? Does he do the adult thing and ignore it? Of course not, his response is much more efficient …

It is true that we should never underestimate the power of the internet. But maybe more importantly, we should never underestimate the temper of our work colleagues!  Whilst you may really need to take that call, or feel that urge to build that paper plane, in the wrong circumstances it could just end up being the last thing you ever do.

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