How to Brighten Up An Office Building

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The key priorities of any workplace are neatness and efficiency – but it’s important to keep things cheery too. A few pleasant decorative touches around the office will go a long way towards keeping your employees happy, motivated, and enthusiastic. So if you’re looking to boost morale and increase productivity, why not try some of the following ideas for brightening up your office?


More Colour

This is one of the easiest and most inexpensive options, because there are loads of ways to add accents of colour to a space. Put up some pictures and posters, or perhaps a big bulletin board to perk up the walls of your office, which will also prove useful for messages and other information. And instead of opting for office supplies in grey or black, go for brightly coloured chairs or shelves. Don’t splurge unnecessarily on colourful ornaments, but if there’s something you need (like a filing cabinet) that comes in a pleasant colour, why not go for it?


Casual Meeting Rooms

Formal meeting rooms are all very well for official business meetings or liaising with clients, but it might be an idea to transform one free space into a ‘casual’ congregation room. Smaller, more informal get-togethers are just as easily conducted amidst some beanbags as they are in a stifling executive board room. Fill a room with some comfortable armchairs and fairy lights, and you might find meetings in there are a lot more productive!


Balance Your Space

Having big windows and an open-plan layout frees up space and keeps employees from feeling less cramped and enclosed. Putting up some brightly coloured curtains or blinds adds to this nicely. However, it is important to have rooms for private meetings or other confidential matters, so if you’re low on office space you could try installing some office partitions. There are many different types of office partitions, but demountable ones are perfect for flexible spaces that you frequently need to open up or close off.


Nature’s Touch

What can your employees see from their windows? Proximity to nature isn’t just pleasing to the eye, it helps people feel relaxed. If you can’t spruce up the surrounding area, why not cultivate a rooftop garden where people can have lunch in the summer? Alternately, place a few potted plants around the office. A well-positioned water feature could likewise have a pleasantly soothing effect.


Common Room

Nothing improves the atmosphere of an office like a nice space for downtime! A room for employees to have lunch or breaks should be as bright and cheery as possible, so people can feel thoroughly refreshed before heading back to work. Some cosy chairs and quirky decorative pieces – and maybe even a ping-pong or table football table – are all excellent for re-invigorating tired bodies and minds.


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