Designing An Office Layout That Matches Your Company Brand

Your company’s branding isn’t just for point of sale and brochures, it should feature in your place of work, too. This kind of office layout isn’t only so that visitors are more likely to remember you, it’s to help build the company culture and for staff to feel like a part of the brand. There are things to consider when executing design strategies of this nature, and it’s as easy as adding glass manifestations to make sure your office marries with your company. Follow the steps below for designing your office to match your brand.

  1. Placement of Your Logo

Use glass manifestations to make your company logo prominent in your office. This will ensure your brand is in sight and won’t be forgotten. It will help to reinforce the feeling of being a part of the company for employees and show visitors and prospect clients that you have a brand identity. It’s something that will set your office apart from simply being a generic office, and will help you to stick in the mind of visitors, whether they are clients, prospects or interviewees.




  1. Embody Your Company Values

When designing your company hub, consider your company’s mantras, and the type of vibe and feel you want to create for staff. For example, if openness or inclusion are part of your company’s values, choose an open-plan office design that encourages conversation across teams. Designing your office as a visual of your values in this way will also tell visitors what they can expect from you and the way you work.




  1. Company Culture Starts in the Office

If your company mission is to, for example, ‘enjoy what you do’ or ‘work hard, play hard’, you want to design an environment that creates that buzz. Use glass partitions to section off an area for staff to break away from work and have fun. Consider revamping lunch rooms to have sofas, and perhaps a table tennis table or a games console. It’s additions to workspaces like this that will set you apart from other companies; and it could encourage more people to want work for you.




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