How to Choose Glass Manifestations for your Office

Glass manifestations are applied to glass office partitioning for safety and decorative reasons. Whether it’s to stop people from walking into the glass, or to enhance your corporate branding, businesses can benefit from adding a glass manifestation. Use our guide to help you choose which style of branded glass will suit your office.

Step 1: Install glass office partitions

If you’re considering glass manifestations, then you need glass partitions! They’re ideal for dividing up office space without losing the open plan feel and improve employee productivity. Discover more about glass partitions and the ranges we offer here.

Glass manifestation and atmospheric lighting

Step 2: Choose the purpose of the glass manifestations

It is a common misconception that glass manifestations are purely decorative; they are actually a requirement by law. Health and safety regulations require glass manifestations if you have full height glass partitions, doors and windows to make it evident that glass is present in the office. This is designed to make the glass more obvious and reduce the chance of people walking into them.

However, if the sizes and height positions of the glass manifestations meet the guidelines, then you can get as creative as possible.

Step 3: Contact a glass manifestation specialist

Applied Workplace can install glass office partitioning and glass manifestations, specialising in a variety of designs and styles. Our design process takes building regulations into account alongside creative clever designs that reflect corporate branding. When a client requires a uniform individual appearance, we can help them transform their ideas into a working manifestation solution.APPLIED_WORKSPACE_007

Step 4: Pick a style of glass manifestation

View examples of our glass manifestations below to find out which style appeals to you most. From symmetrical lines, funky patterns and regular block manifestations to company logos, we can provide several standard designs or completely bespoke styles.

Take the first step in your office transformation by investing in glass manifestations with one of the UK’s leading glass partition specialists. Call Applied Workplace to find out more about glass office partitioning systems on 01202 577 776 or Email Us to speak to our team today.