How to Create a Collaborative Office Space

Are you looking to create a collaborative work space that can motivate and increase the productivity of your workforce? We thought so! A collaborative office layout is one that meets both the needs of the working environment and those within it, featuring space for people to openly share ideas and areas for people to escape for quiet with the help of office partitions. Follow our 3 tips to achieve this:

Create focus zones with office partitions

Solid wall partitions can create a space for employees who have an important task at hand that demands focus. Glass partitions can separate an area for workers to break-away to without feeling isolated from the rest of the workforce.



Meeting rooms with acoustic partitions

Some meetings require privacy due to the business-sensitive matters that are being discussed. Having these conversations behind acoustic partitions gives workers the confidence to express confidential information with their HR department, hold professional client meetings and become an area for private working.

Whist partitions won’t fully block out the noise they will reduce the sound travelling, enabling confidential meetings to be held within the office.



Open spaces for collaboration

Create a designated table or seating area in the office for people to innovate, converse with others and share ideas. This will allow staff from different teams to spark a conversation that may not otherwise take place in the office and create a practical group working area. To encourage creativity why not add a board or wall that can be written on and also wiped off easily?



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