4 Ways To Design A Study Space That Will Motivate Students

A well-designed, dedicated study space can make a huge difference when it comes to the productivity of those working in that area. Study areas need to be functional, undisturbed and comfortable! We share 4 ways to create a study space that will motivate:

  1. Shut out distractions

University campuses are busy places, and groups/noise can be hard to avoid. Glass partitions have soundproofing qualities, so they are an excellent way to section off a study space that will be undisturbed.

Glass partition walls also indicate the purpose of the area is for concentration and quiet study, so this will illicit motivation.

Glass Office Partitions

  1. Clear desk = clear mind

You might have heard the saying “tidy room, tidy mind” and whilst it can make you think of having to tidy your bedroom, psychologists have suggested that this is in fact true. A messy mind can mean disorganised thoughts, which isn’t good for motivation.

Choose clear, plain office desks that allow students space to place their study materials and make the space their own to get into the right mindset for studying. If possible choose white desks, as the colour white is thought to reduce stress and help to maintain feelings of calm.

Office Fornitures

  1. Invite the outside in

Natural light – create the dedicated study space in a room or building with lots of natural light. Natural light is a mood booster, it encourages creativity and it makes an environment a nice place to learn.

Add greenery – As mentioned above, colour has an impact on how we work. Having green around our study space has been proven to improve concentration, creativity and work output.

  1. Space for group projects

Comfort is key, as well as design. Curate a space that has comfortable furniture and allows for discussion. Sofas, circular benches or booths are a great way for teams to come together and work in an open, creativity-boosting environment. If everyone feels like they can share ideas and contribute, students will be more motivated.

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