4 New Year Office Resolutions

We all set some form of New Years’resolution. The Christmas period is a time for reflection, and there’s no reason why this shouldn’t extend to the workplace! A design refresh can encourage a new wave of motivation and can boost morale. It’s also an opportunity to reinstate the company branding. A stagnant office isn’t detrimental, but for companies looking to encourage productivity, innovation and employee happiness, change is an excellent place to start.

It doesn’t stop there. The millennial workforce looks to social media to learn more about a company, so it’s important to not only promote an enticing company culture but to consider how your office will be perceived by younger, prospect employees.

New year, new me… new office? These are 4 office new year resolutions to improve the office environment.

1. Team building

Being social is healthy. Encouraging team building will help to develop communication between employees and improve the feeling amongst them of a welcoming, encompassing company culture. Designing this space behind office partitions will ensure other workers aren’t distracted.

2. Reward staff with free kitchen snacks

This is a company perk that is becoming popular. Reward employees by providing free snacks. We read about one office that has a jelly bean dispenser with cups for staff to help themselves! It can be anything from providing canned drinks to a fruit bowl. It’s a great benefit to promote when advertising vacancies.

3. Go green

99% of people in Britain recycle. It’s something that employees are familiar with at home, yet 15% of people don’t do it in the workplace. This is in part because employees aren’t encouraged to recycle at work, particularly if the company has no system in place. Introduce, or make it easier, for staff to recycle. This will help all to feel good about doing their bit for the planet!

Encourage screen breaksThe Health and Safety Executive agency (HSE) recommends that people take a 5-10-minute break from their screen every 50-60 minutes. It’s easy to get caught up in a task, but encouraging staff to take breaks, perhaps to brainstorm project ideas or to make a drink, will reduce eye strain. Also, taking frequent breaks has been proven to improve concentration and productivity.

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