4 Steps to Optimise Your Office for Millennials

“76% of millennials feel very strongly that office design and aesthetic influence their impression of a company.”

Millennials make up the workforce that is entering the world of work. For companies looking to acquire new talent and skills, having an office that is appealing is key. Encourage your next workforce, and keep your existing one productive, by reviewing your office design.

What is a millennial?

The answer to this can differ based on different people’s opinions, but it is people aged 18-34 (born around 1981-1996).

Why should office design be for millennials?

By 2020, almost half of the workforce will be millennials.

Millennials are tech-savvy, often bringing a skill-set that is desirable by many companies. For businesses that are yet to transition their company for the modern consumer, millennial knowledge is of value!

How to optimise office design for millennials

  1. More relaxed, open-plan spaces

Glass walls have become popular in the modern office, as they are a preferred alternative to the traditional cubicle. Glass partitions can section off different working environments, as well as create spaces for meetings. The use of glass creates a feeling of openness that millennials like in offices, reducing any feelings of claustrophobia. Glass office partitions encourage casual, impromptu meetings and facilitate collaboration.

  1. Redesign lunch rooms

Millennials (and pretty much anyone) enjoy comfortable spaces to relax – think sofas and beanbags over dining room chairs. Optimise office design without much fuss by revamping existing lunch rooms. Another popular office design trend for 2018 is ‘break-out’ spaces. These are areas that employees can go to relax, chill-out and recuperate.

  1. Technology-savvy

Most millennials will have attended a university with modern technology and will be familiar with wireless computer accessories. Millennials are also mobile-savvy, using this technology daily to complete tasks. Seeing mobiles out during work hours will become more common.

Adapt the office to include two screens on desks, wireless technology and a sound system. It’s not uncommon for offices to add games consoles to lunch rooms, but let’s go one step at a time!

  1. Visual design – think green

Studies show that flexible working is desired by millennials, and they look for this in a company. If a business can’t provide this, allowing design creativity is another plus. Adding green brings a feeling of the outside in, and it’s proven to help all workers to feel more relaxed and less stressed. And the benefit for the employer? Working with green in the office environment increases productivity!

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