Look Out For These Office Design Trends in 2019

Every year there is an influx of new office designs and this year is no different, office design trends in 2019 include an array of updates. We hope to see the following in offices we install wall partitions in this year, such as:


More and more companies are choosing glass partitions to allow for increased natural light. A recent study by YouGov found that 1-3 office workers want more natural light in the workplace. With glass wall partitions, it’s possible to optimise the workplace to achieve employee satisfaction. The idea of adding transparency also translates to removing walls between teams. This concept isn’t entirely new for the new year, it was one of the design trends predicted for 2018. In 2019 this trend will expand, and it’s expected that we will see managerial offices being designed with glass walls to ensure there are absolutely no feelings of separation.

Pop-out, bright colours

Studies show that being in an environment that has lots of fun colours or soft patterns present improves how people feel. A positive mindset = a healthy mental state, so it’s no surprise that the Dulux colour trends for 2019 are focused on creating a happy place. In simple terms, yellow, green, pink/red and peach are the colours to look out for. Aka, optimistic colours. Painting walls can be a project that isn’t feasible for all office spaces. Bold, bright colours can be added to offices in small yet big ways, in the form of a bookcase, sofa or wall art. This is a great opportunity to design your office to match your company brand, as brand colours can be used. This will reinforce both the company culture and help visitors and prospect employees to remember the office.

A stress-free zone

With the workforce spending most of their life at work, stress is something that employers are mindful to avoid. Stress at work can be further amplified by working in a constricting space. Use office partitions to section off a break-out space for employees to escape to for beneficial breaks.

Employee happiness, health and productivity are as important this year as it was last year, which is why the workplace design trends for 2019 are centred around this.

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