7 Office Design Trends for 2018

Employees spend almost as much time at work as they do at home, which is why business owners in 2018 are factoring in staff well-being and happiness into the office. As trends show, it starts with design and layout. Discover the 2018 office design trends and how you can achieve an office that nurtures creativity, productivity and happy staff.

  1. Dynamic Offices

A recent study by Capital One found that one of the factors desired by 43% workers is easily reconfigurable furniture and spaces. Movable walls, furniture on wheels and bean bags encourage staff to be creative, honing a skill that they apply to their work. One of the best features of demountable partitions is that they can move and adapt with the office.

  1. Green for Go – Biophilic Design

Green walls and plants, both real and fake, are appearing more in offices. Studies show that the colour green increases productivity, positive moods and less stress. You can add this in small, cost-friendly ways by opting for desk plants, green walls or green stationary.

Office Fornitures

  1. Closed and Open Work Spaces

Whilst open plan offices are great for enhancing creativity and removing walls (both figuratively and literally) between teams, closed, sectioned off areas are also required. Use office partitions to create a space for employees to use for focus work or confidential phone calls.

Office partitions

  1. Hot Desking

If you’ve been working for a long time, the idea of not having an assigned office desk may sound far-off to you. Hot desking is the idea that you can sit and work wherever you would like to in the office. In principle, it’s thought to improve communication and connections between employees, and benefit project-based work.

  1. Zen Rooms – Or In-office Yoga

This trend appears to be particularly popular in agencies, but it’s gaining popularity. Mediation and relaxation reduces stress levels and helps people to relax, and where better to practise this than in your place of work.

  1. Open Collaborative Space

For use as a break-out room, team building area or as a space to have an opening meeting, the benefit is that it brings people together. It can help build relationships and develop a sense of employee culture.

Glass Doors

  1. Home-Inspired Decoration

Where do you feel most relaxed? Home. One of the design trends of the year is developing on the idea of your office being your home away from home. Introduce comfort with sofas, a television or a gaming area.

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