4 Reasons Why to Choose a Glass Office

Planning to move office? Or maybe you are looking to restructure your existing office? In a time when location space is hard to find, let us explain why a glass office can be a flexible and cost-effective way to adapt your office space.

1. Natural Light

Structured walls are often the first thought when restructuring an office. But opaque walls and partitions can reduce the level of natural light. You may need to install artificial lighting in areas without adequate windows. Glass partitions, however, allow natural sunlight to shine through each area of your office. The glass can even reflect light around the room, making it feel like a lighter, airier space to work in.

2. Versatile Style

A glass office never goes out of fashion. From the Mad Men style offices from the sixties to the modern London finance offices of today, glass partitions are a fixed style feature. Glass walls can be customised to look classic or contemporary to fit the feel of your brand, and even include your company logo. Choose between black or stainless-steel fixings to create the feel that suits your company’s image.

3. Increase Your Privacy

You would be forgiven in assuming glass walls might restrict your privacy. But thanks to our glass manifestation solutions, you can create a design to maintain confidentiality, whilst also allowing for natural light. Applied Workplace can design decorative glass film to limit unwanted outside attention from a meeting room.

If noise is a concern, our acoustic partitions can help minimise sound and allow for private conversations. This can be ideal for managers wanting to conduct confidential meetings. Sound reduction can also increase the productivity of employees. Staff who prefer to work in a quieter space will enjoy blocking out the noisy Skype calls next door!

4. Adaptable layouts

Solid walls are pretty permanent. If your team expands or you need to change the office layout, removing walls can be expensive and time-consuming. One of the joys of office glass partitions is their flexibility. Want to change things up? Our specialist installers can simply move your glass to create larger or small spaces to whichever you need.

To learn more about glass offices, get in touch with our helpful Applied Workplace team on 01202 577 776, or use our free quote calculator for a price for glass partitions.