4 Industries That Need Glass Partitions

Glass partitions introduce light, increase productivity, and offer sound privacy. They’re a sign of modernity, cleanliness, and efficiency – and they’re frequently popping up in creative offices! Today we look at 4 key industries and how glass partitions can metaphorically, and literally, brighten up these spaces.


Many of us will remember the temporary, old looking and scruffy solid partitions that separated our classrooms and teachers’ offices. They didn’t inspire us then and they won’t now; their soundproofing abilities were minimal and they let no light in. Many schools and universities can benefit from the use of glass partitions, especially with their current financial pressure to maximize space and offer adaptable learning environments. We offer demountable glass partitions, which are fully relocatable and can be quickly moved to suit changing classroom or office sizes. They provide a modern, light and effective learning environment and are completely future proof.


Restaurants and hotels pride themselves on their appearance, as it reflects their worth. Glass partitions serve an excellent aesthetic purpose, often transforming the reception or waiting areas into light and airy modern spaces. Bedroom and bathrooms can be divided with glass partitions to maximise space if no windows are available, and seating areas can benefit from a level of soundproofing to ensure maximum pleasure throughout a guest’s visit. Glass partitions also match any current aesthetic of the establishment, so no other changes need to be made.


Retail interiors can affect how people purchase your products. Shops with solid walls limit a customer’s ability to see your selection and they may miss any signage or promotions you have. Glass partitions enable the entirety of your store to be seen, including from the outside, and give the illusion of a larger space, making it lighter and more inviting. Our demountable glass partitions can also be relocated to adapt with changing collections or retail specifications, and adorned with glass manifestations to show off your brand or sales messaging.


Leisure spaces should create a relaxing atmosphere to enhance their purpose. Swimming pools, squash courts and cafes will always benefit from glass partitions and the natural light, helping to bring the outside in to create a more ambient area to exercise or relax in.

Improve your establishment within education, hospitality, retail or leisure by incorporating our glass partitioning systems. Applied Workplace are one of the UK’s leading glass partition specialists; get a free partition wall cost quote online or call us to find out more on 01202 577 776.