How to Create an Agile Workplace with Partition Walls

If you want a flexible and productive office environment, you need an agile workplace. Agile workplaces are made up of different areas within an office to give staff the freedom and flexibility in choosing where they work. This enables your staff to choose a co-working environment to come up with ideas, or a closed private space for a pure concentration zone.

Who Uses Agile Workplaces?

The biggest world class organisations such as Google are already utilising agile workplaces which effectively create productive flows within such high-pressure environments. The Applied Workplace team have over 20 years of experience in designing and fitting offices with solid partitions and glass partitions to create the ultimate agile workplaces.

Partitions Create Agile Working

Solid walls aren’t for everyone, and can be counterintuitive to an agile workplace. The definition of agile is ‘the ability of an organization to rapidly adapt to market and environmental changes in productive and cost-effective ways.’ Solid walls can’t be moved quickly, easily or cost effectively, but partition walls can, and office design is the core component.

Step 1: Planning an Agile Workplace

Before you start to re-design your office, think of your space as a blank canvas. Assess your employees and/or their departments; do they solely work alone, in groups, or a mix of the two? Get to know them further with a questionnaire and ask them how they work best. We are all different, and you will find that your workforce will have different preferences with some commonalities that you can adapt to your office design.

Step 2: Determine What Agile Means for You

A creative agency, for example, with up to 10 employees who range from executors and creatives to accounts, may determine their core working styles involve:

  • Focus
  • Collaboration
  • Team meeting
  • Relaxation
  • Telephone conversation
  • Concentration
  • Inspiration

These can be developed into spaces that suit those styles the best, such as a thinking room, a quiet concentration zone and a group/meeting room. Allow your employees to switch between rooms to suit their tasks and current mood and watch their productivity flourish!

Step 3: Create the Agile Workplace

Create these rooms with glass partitions to give your business a modern and open feel. Our glass partitions are customisable, create privacy without making employees feel cut off, are quickly installed and offer a low sound transmission. Best of all, we offer demountable partitions that can be moved as and when you need them for a permanently agile workplace.

Create an office space that is flexible and adaptable to your employees needs and activities with Applied Workplace. Discuss our glass partitions with one of our specialists on 01202 577776 or get a free quote.