4 Applications of Glass Partitions in Hospitality

Glass partitions can be used for many applications in the hospitality industry. With numerous benefits, aesthetically and practically, glass partitions can enhance spaces within hotels, restaurants, leisure centres, nightclubs and bars. Discover their potential for your business with our guide to 4 applications of glass partitions in hospitality:

  1. Hotel glass partitions

A hotel presents various opportunities to use glass partitions. The lobby and reception areas give the first impression, and glass partitions can revolutionise this space and instil more light throughout so that it is more attractive to guests. Choose demountable partitions for flexibility, so that you can adapt the layout as interior design trends change. Glass walls can also be used in bedrooms to create separate rooms, and bathrooms to increase light. A great example is the Wieserhut Design Hotel in Austria, with glass partitions used in the lobby and bedrooms, as shown below


  1. Restaurant glass partitions

Illuminate the environment in a restaurant with glass walls, and create attractive entrances or split dining and bar areas, as shown at the Signatures Restaurant in Wales. This can help to maximise floor space without boxing in rooms and make the restaurant look more sophisticated. Glass manifestations can be applied to the partitions to enhance corporate branding and colour themes.


  1. Glass partitions in nightclubs and bars

Nightclubs and bars thrive on ambient, clever lighting and glass partitioning can enhance this further. Thrive nightclub in Dallas have added translucent fabric to their glass partitioning and blue LED lights to modernise their seating areas. Glass partitions also provide sound reduction, making them ideal to condense sound if entering a different room, such as bathroom or bar area.


  1. Leisure centre glass partitions

Glass partitions are extremely popular in leisure centres, used to encapsulate swimming pools, squash courts, cafes and changing rooms. Natural light in leisure centres is important as it helps to bring the outside in, creating a more ambient area to exercise or relax, as shown at the Arcadia Library and Leisure Centre in Manchester.


Create a hotel, restaurant, nightclub, bar or leisure centre that is unique to you by incorporating these popular glass partitioning systems, and reap the benefits of a more modern, efficient space. Applied Workplace are one of the UK’s leading glass partition specialists, call us to find out more on 01202 577 776 or Email Us to speak to the team today.