What Is The Best Office Layout For Collaboration?

The office environment plays a major role with employee wellbeing and productivity. If your office is a large space full of desks, the idea of creating new areas and making it work for your team can be overwhelming. This is why modern office partitions can be a winner for your company.

It is a common misconception that wide open spaces are ideal for collaborating with your colleagues, they can be noisy and stark, with no area to share creative ideas. These things will put colleagues off from going back to the office, and it’s more important than ever to work within an inviting and creative place that satisfies employee work-style preferences.

Reworking your space to create break spaces, meeting rooms and board rooms may be easier than you think. With demountable, office partitions walls, you can update your office and promote collaboration, as well as giving your office the contemporary update it needs. Truthfully there is not one solution for optimum collaboration and productivity, it depends on your company and colleagues, but there are several ways you can make your office layout work for you.

Create A Breakout Space

Combination office design requires spaces that provide different functions. If you have a team of people working on a major project, they may want a space where they can discuss ideas and make notes, without being crowded around one desk or interrupting the rest of the office. Simple office partition walls can create these collaboration spaces without closing off the area. Glass office partitions come in all sizes and can incorporate useful tools, such as smart glass, for use as a projector wall or adding privacy. They still allow natural light to flood the space and give colleagues somewhere to work separately from the main office.

Learning Spaces

Sometimes, the best way to collaborate is to get your head down before a big meeting and do your research. Your office layout should have spaces where colleagues can work alone if they need to. Cubicles can feel a little claustrophobic but using glass office walls can provide a quiet area without shutting people out completely. Try using glass manifestation to create a bit of privacy whilst still allowing natural light and connection to the office if needed.

Creating smaller spaces with modern office partitions, in conjunction with larger collaborative spaces means that people can adapt their way of working with ease and don’t feel forced into one form of productivity

Create Social Spaces

You can’t underestimate the power of a social space for bonding and creativity. One of the biggest reasons for corporate burnout is lack of breaks, which is why it is crucial for you to include this into your office layout. A modern, well decorated space puts people at ease and allows conversation and creativity to flow. Using glass office partitions in an on-trend crittall style or even with your branding on can elevate your space. Fill these spaces with sofas and plants can put colleagues at ease, thereby allowing them to be refreshed and ultimately more productive.

Choosing your Layout

Ultimately, when it comes to planning your office layout for pinnacle productivity it is important to have your team and their preferences in mind. There are no one-size fits all as some staff will enjoy the larger social space areas, whereas others will find serenity in learning spaces. The beauty is with modern office partitions your office can be an ever-changing layout that moulds with your team.

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