How Fire Rated Glass Partitions Keep Your Office Safe

When creating a new office, aesthetic is often the primary concern, you want to reflect your brand and create a space that your colleagues want to work in. However, it is crucial that you don’t compromise on their safety, and you ensure that in the event of a fire you can all exit safely. Glass office partitions can provide a stylish solution to both aesthetics and safety with fire-rated glass.

Risk Assessments

As a business owner, you will be used to complete risk assessments that protect yourself and your business. As a part of this you will need to adhere to building regulations. When creating new spaces within your office you need to decide whether they are going to be common areas, such as staircases or hallways, or if they are a simple meeting room. Fire-rated glass partitions are essential if you are creating spaces that could be used as an exit in the case of a fire. This is because fire-rated partitions must go through rigorous testing to prove that they give the correct level of protection. These include tests on flame resistance, smoke and even water pressure, to see how it would react in a real-life situation. At Applied Workplace, our fire-proof glass partitions offer 60 minutes of fire resistance, giving you plenty of time to make sure everyone is safe. This is one of the highest levels of protection, offering you both integrity and insulation. This means that the fire-rated partitions protect your employees from the heat radiating from the fire as well as containing the fire and smoke itself.

Custom Built

Despite the legal requirements of owning an office space, you can still make it a creative and welcoming space. Glass Office partitions can be built in bespoke sizes to fit your office and can even include glass manifestation to highlight your brand. If you are rebuilding a communal area, such as a kitchen, and want to use glass partitions to create a separate relaxation space, this would be a good area to use fire rated glazed partitions. You will get the same level of natural light and style but with an added layer of protection in the case of an accident.

If building new breakout spaces or meeting rooms, you can create a multi-functional space with fire-rated glass partitions. They can include sound-proofing and smart glass to allow for presentations to take place without disturbance but most importantly, you are adhering to building regulations and adding protection for your colleagues.

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