What Is Crittall Style?

Crittall style refers to a style of black steel-framed windows invented by ironmonger Francis Henry Crittall in the late 19th century. Since its invention, Crittall style has been used to transform spaces and there has been an undeniable resurgence this past decade, with the style being used most recently to enhance glass screens and office partitions. The black frames not only support the structure of the glass, but provide a unique loft-style look to glass office partitions, and is being adopted to create inspiring spaces across the country.

Crittal Partitions

Why use a Crittall style partition in an office?

Glass office partitions divide a room without impacting on light and space. Unlike solid walls or old-school room dividers, glass partition walls help to create separate spaces with added privacy and soundproofing that aren’t completely closed off from the rest of the office.

Crittall style partitions incorporate glass with the famous Crittall steel-frame grid-like look to create not only a minimalist appearance but a striking one too. The graphic steel frames have a contemporary and industrial feel that complements a range of room styles and trends, including mid-century and scandi-style.

Whether you’re looking to create a bespoke walkway divide, separate office spaces or add a glass door into another room, there are several benefits to using Crittall office partitions:


Businesses change; it’s inevitable. They scale up and down and one day you may need to swap things around. The great thing about a Crittall office partition is that it can be relocated and used elsewhere in the office. Our unique frameless glass securely fixed in a black grid-like frame is dismountable, meaning it can even be transported and set up in a brand new office location.

Fast installation

Just like being easily relocatable, our Crittall style partitions are quick and easy to install from the very beginning. We guarantee minimal disruption during the installation process and depending on the size of the install, we can be in and out within an hour or two. We also offer national UK installation with no hidden costs.


Another reason office partitions are a more viable option than solid walls is that they are cost-effective. Rather than building opaque walls to create additional rooms and spaces, which can be dark, and claustrophobic and are more permanent, glass partitions create private but light and airy areas for a fraction of the price.

Bespoke sizes

It doesn’t matter whether you want to build a room in the centre of a warehouse or have a higher than average ceiling height, we can build completely bespoke Crittall style partitions to suit your office or workspace. One size certainly doesn’t fit all and we’re here to create an office space that works for you and your business, not the other way around.

Redesigning or refurbishing your office? Go that one step further with Crittall style partitions and transform your space with Applied Workplace. We have over 20 years’ experience installing the highest quality office partitions and even offer partition finance options based on your needs and budget. Contact us today by calling 01202 577776 to speak to our friendly team or fill in our online partitional wall price calculator for an instant quote.