What Can I Use As A Room Divider?

You can use partition wall systems or screens as a room divider. Which you opt for will depend on if you want partial or complete floor to ceiling coverage. Room divider screens tend to be smaller and up to a couple of metres high. Whereas, partition walls are much more versatile in their size and are usually installed from floor to ceiling.

It is most common for room divider screens to be made of plastic or solid opaque material. Partition walls on the other hand, can be made of many different materials.

Why choose prefabricated partition walls to divide a room?

Although you could make your own room divider by using fabric or wood, it is most recommended to buy prefabricated partition walls. This not only ensures the quality, but also the durability of the partition wall systems. When buying from a partition wall supplier, you can choose from a selection of materials and designs. As well as this, you can get the partition walls tailored to meet your exact specifications. As a result, you get a style unique to your needs and a partition wall that is perfectly measured to fit the room.

For those who don’t wish to go bespoke, there will be standard prefabricated partition walls available. All you have to do is select your chosen material, size and quantity and you should be good to go. If you are unsure on what the cost will be, completing an online quote is a fast way of getting an idea.

As a leading partition supplier in the UK, we provide both partition walls and room divider screens. In particular with the recent pandemic, we have seen a rise in the demand for room divider screens in offices. These have helped promote a safe return-to-work environment. In addition, we have a huge selection of partition materials and provide prefabricated partition walls. To discuss the full range of partition wall systems and services we have available, please get in touch. Call us today on 01202 577776 and email enquiries@appliedworkplace.co.uk.