What Is A Glass Partition?

A glass partition is a glass wall used to separate open spaces. This helps differentiate areas within a room without the need for building works. It is also a much cheaper alternative than having walls knocked down and rebuilt.

Because of the transparency, glass walls help maintain the natural light in a room. As a result, you can use glass partition wall systems to divide spaces without shutting them off completely.

Why choose glass office partitions?

Office workplaces tend to be the most common to opt for glass partition walls. This is because there are various benefits glass walls can bring to this environment. To start, having glass office partitions helps create privacy without making employees feel secluded. Some glass materials such as acoustic partitions, offer superior noise reduction. This is great for finding concentration in loud and busy work environments. As well as this, it ensures discretion for private meetings and important discussions. With a glass partition, employees can still feel a sense of company, without noise distractions.

There are many options of glass wall types to select for glass office partitions. Fire-rated glass partitions can offer up to an hour of fire resistance. Implementing this type of glass partition is a worthwhile precaution for fire safety. In offices that have thousands of employees in one building, choosing fire rated glass walls adds another layer of protection. Similarly, double glazed glass partitions are a popular choice in offices. They have a low sound transmission rate, and are rapid to install.

After selecting your preferred type of glass partition walls, you can also choose to incorporate other design elements. This can include branding, glass style and bespoke designs.

Get a quote for your desired glass partition type

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