What Are Room Dividers Called?

Room dividers are known as partition walls. These are an affordable and practical way of re-organising and optimising space in a room. At a fraction of the price of paying to knock down and build physical walls, partition wall systems are a simpler alternative.

You can find many types of partition walls and materials. Depending on where you want the room divided and the purpose, there are various options to choose from. These can range anywhere from solid to glass, or demountable to permanent, and come in different designs.

What types of glass partition walls are there?

A glass partition alone can come in a broad range of styles and materials. You can find double glazed partitions, fire-rated, curved, and acoustic partitions to name a few. Because of how versatile the material options are, glass partition walls are highly popular. Each material has its own benefits and suitable environments. For example, acoustic partitions offer superior soundproofing, more privacy, and minimise exterior distractions. They are adaptable to many environments such as schools, offices, residential properties, or private meeting rooms. Likewise, double glazed partitions offer noise reduction, insulation, and energy efficiency.

For those looking for materials that offer visual aesthetics, you can opt for glass partition manifestations, Crittall style, and even adjustable smart glass. Speak to a partition wall company like Applied Workplace, to discover the full list of solutions.

Not sure on what partition walls you need?

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