What Are Demountable Partitions – And Do You Need Them?

Whether you’re looking to rent or buy office space, it’s never going to come partitioned or divided up exactly the way you want it. And chances are any changes you want to make are constrained by a limited budget and a further desire to save money where you can. So, for most companies starting out like this, an extensive overhaul of a space isn’t really an option.

Renovations are costly, messy, and more importantly, can involve permanent changes to the layout that are wholly undesirable to a new company. Long-term expansions of your business, like increasing your employee count, require your office space to retain a certain degree of adaptability. And that’s where demountable partitions come in.

So, What Are Demountable Partitions?

Demountable partitions allow you to open up and close off sections of your office with relative ease, because you can quite simply take your office partitions down, move them around, and put them up again. This makes them ideal not just for smaller businesses, but for businesses in general.


Demountable glass partitions help to keep a space flexible. Even if a company isn’t looking to expand in the near future, there might still be in-house changes, promotions, or just moving around of staff that necessitates opening up an area or closing one off. With demountable glass partitions, this presents a much smaller job that can be done far more quickly, seeing as that no construction crew needs to be hired and no work time has to be sacrificed in order to let them do their job.

Glass Office Partitions


Moving demountable partitions around is mess-free! No waiting around for paint to dry, dust to settle, or fumes to dissipate. It’s virtually hassle-free, not to mention far easier on health and safety concerns. Just go in during a weekend and shift everything around in time for Monday.


Obviously, a large part of the ease of demountable partitions is due to their cost – or rather the lack of it. Moving wall partitions around is much cheaper than knocking down a brick wall or any other kind of more permanent divide

Glass Office Partitions


Yet despite their cost-effectiveness, demountable wall partitions are still available in a range of materials, all designed and measured to suit your office space. Get more glass panels if you want lots of natural light flowing unobstructed through your office, or give your employees more privacy with acoustic partitions. Despite their demountable nature, acoustic office partitions provide high quality soundproofing for a suitably quiet work atmosphere.

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