Frameless Glass Office Partitions: What are the Benefits?

Glass Office PartitionsFrameless Glass Partitioning provides the perfect solution for those who are looking to achieve a modern and contemporary feel within the workplace.  It provides privacy yet gives the feeling of space and visual awareness at the same time.  Its frameless appearance lends itself beautifully to an almost seamless looking finish due to the fact that the glazed modules are held together with clear dry PVC joints.   Opting for this product will guarantee you a working environment that is not only minimalist but ultra-modern in terms of style.

It is not just about aesthetics though as this product also allows maximum light transfer helping to create the feeling of a light and airy space.  The glazed partitions are also very flexible and can be further enhanced with soft lighting and creative detailing.  Corporate colours and logos are just some of the ways in which you might choose to enrich the final design.

Frameless Glass Office Partitions are also very versatile and can be used in a variety of different manners depending on what you are looking to achieve.  They are available in a variety of different sizes and can be used to provide full height screens, walls, partitions and room dividers.  They also come with the added benefit of being re-locatable.

In terms of cost the glass partitioning system can either be purchased outright or you have the option to lease.  Leasing is a great alternative to purchasing if you are trying to improve your cash-flow as there is obviously no need for capital expenditure.  Budgeting and cash flow forecasting is also made simple due to the fact that your finance payments will be fixed for the entire duration.  By choosing to lease you can also keep bang up to date by modifying and changing your office partitions as and when you need to.

If you think that Frameless Glass Partitioning is what your office needs the next step is to arrange for a quotation.  An accurate quote will be based on site specific details however you will find that many suppliers will have an instant online quotation calculator available for illustration purposes.

In order to get an accurate quote though you will need to send through any relevant details plus a sketch if you have one available.  You will likely find though that your supplier will visit site, take down your brief and then provide you with both a quotation and drawings based on this.  Once you have decided that you wish to proceed a surveyor will then visit site again to measure up accurately and confirm final costs.  The surveyor will also be more than willing to provide both advice and information regarding options, colours and available finishes.

With regards timescales your Frameless Glass Partitions could be on site and in situ within just three weeks.