Five Ways to Spice up Your Office Design Scheme


Photo by; wili_hybrid

When you think of an office, you instantly picture a grey block, covered with evenly-spaced, plain windows. Inside, are identical desks laid out in neat rows, lined with typing employees. But seeing as the office is the place where most of us spend five out of seven days a week, why not spice things up a bit?

DIY and home improvement has taken the world by storm. The importance of clean lines, scatter cushions and colour is well established in the design of our homes and yet this enthusiasm for interior design has not been brought to our offices. Why not?

Most offices are in desperate need of a bit of colour and variety. If you create a vibrant and pleasant working environment, your staff will be happier, more motivated and productive.

Search for something out of the ordinary…

Here are five great ways to give your office a bit of personality and bring colour and light back into the eyes of your employees.

1.       Glass manifestations

One of the key aspects of great interior design is light. If you can maximise the light in a space, the room will feel bigger, fresher and cleaner.

Glass manifestations offer the perfect solution to those who want to divide up their office space, yet still have a light and airy working environment. These modern glass panels work as partitions creating spaces within spaces.

Not only are Glass Manifestations a highly practical option for those requiring extra, flexible spaces, but  their minimal and sculptural designs bring a stylish look to the office.

Acid etch filming and stained glass filming can add pattern and colour to these panels of glass, creating huge transparent works of art.

2.       Partitioning

Office partitions create flexible working spaces, allowing you to break from the ordinary layout whenever you need to. They are re-locatable, creating a fluid working space that fits your needs.

The partitions themselves can be used be as a blank canvas- a space to add a bit of colour. You can either hang wall art or choose coloured partition walls, providing a welcome break from the grey office interior.

Partitions create the working space that you want, allowing you to redesign, re-use and redecorate your interior, all at the same time.

3.       Furniture leasing

If you are bored of looking at the same furniture all the time, why not consider furniture leasing? If you buy furniture, not only is there a great expense, but you are stuck with having it in your office- when in a few years’ time it might not suitable, or it might just look a bit tired.

Having a complete overhaul of your furniture every now and then stops the office from getting stale. A fresh, new office is an inspiring environment and easily achievable with leased furniture. It allows you to move with fashions and the requirements of your business and perhaps most importantly, your wallet.

4.       Plants

The benefits of office plants are huge, they are not just pleasing to look at, they improve your health. Research has proven that plants filter air, reducing carbon dioxide, pollutants and dust. A green office is good for the mind as well as the body, providing a stimulating and stress-free atmosphere.

All of this is reflected in research showing a reduction of sick days in green, plant-filled offices.

5.       Colour

This last idea can be applied in any way that suits you. Add a bit of colour in pictures, chairs, cushions or even paint the walls.

Every office should have wall art. Simply being able to glance up from your work every now and then and see something interesting, is a break for the eyes and the mind. If you have a large office, you could even move your art around- keeping the walls fresh and interesting for those nearby.

One simple and effective idea is to buy a selection of coloured cushions, giving different colours to different workspaces. This small addition of colour is enough to give each area some personality: something to separate the look of one chair from another. Otherwise both the office furniture and the office workers look like they are all wearing the same uniform!

It’s hard to change the outside of a building but the interior is easily brightened up. A fresh, light and colourful working environment stimulates the mind and encourages work. Feeling inspired? Speak to one of our design team about the range of options in your office.