Go Green: How to Make Your Office Eco-Friendly


Image By Victor1558

We all have a big impact on the environment and while many people choose to recycle at home, we spend a third of our day at work, so it’s also important to introduce sustainability into the workplace. But going green doesn’t need to be expensive – in fact it may even save you money!


Introduce Plants

Help to filter the office air by adding a little greenery to your office. Many studies have found that employees are less stressed and more productive when plants are introduced to the workplace, so as well as helping the environment you may help to boost office morale.

Good office plants for removing pollutants from the air are rubber plants and peace lilies. Spider plants can also be a good choice due to the ease with which they’re grown. Always make sure to put someone on weekly watering duty, as dead plants won’t help to cheer anyone up.


Use Recycled Materials

Despite offices being filled with computers, there aren’t many companies that have a truly paperless workplace. But if you choose to buy recycled paper (and recycle it again afterwards,) then you’re helping to do your bit for the planet. If you want to go one step further you can even buy recycled pens and pencils. These can be made from things as diverse as old car tyres and denim to money.

However, even with an office stocked full of recycled paper it’s always good to ensure that you minimise your usage; always use both sides of a piece of paper and avoid printing off e-mails unless it’s really necessary. You could even add a by-line to all company e-mails reminding users of this fact.


Encourage Green Travel

Rather than all of your workers driving in individually, offer incentives for employees who are willing to car share. If you own a large organisation, then find a way to pair up people who live in similar locations.

It’s also good to encourage the use of public transport, or provide facilities so that employees can make their own way into work. If you rent an office with a shower then people will be far more inclined to cycle.


Use Natural Light

Rather than artificially lighting rooms buried deep within the building, choose to install glass partitions and allow natural light to fill the space. Employees will feel much happier working in daylight and you’ll also reduce your electricity bills.


Turn Things Off

Along with reducing energy costs by using natural light, you may discover that your company could save a fortune by simply turning things off. Remind employees to always turn off the lights when they leave the room, turn the air conditioning off when it’s not necessary and ensure that computers (and monitors) are completely switched off. All this change requires are a few gentle reminders and away you go.


All of these little changes can make a world of difference in the long run and your employees should be left healthier and happier too!


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