Office Space Planning? Quick Ways To Renovate Your Workspace

Are you in charge of implementing or planning an office redesign? There’s things you can do to not only renovate quickly, but use the opportunity to make lasting improvements to the work environment.

The office layout plays a big part in motivation, productivity and how employees feel at work. It’s important to create a comfortable, enjoyable workplace that your staff will like, as well as visitors. If you need some design inspiration, have a read of the 7 office design trends for 2018.

Here’s how you can renovate your workspace quickly:

  1. Glass office partitions

Glass partitions are very quick to install and a cost-effective way to section off different departments or create a break-out zone. Glass partitioning has soundproofing qualities and they aren’t obtrusive, so they won’t segregate people.


  1. Open-up/clear the space available

Open-up the space you have available and make it feel bigger by clearing out unnecessary materials. Print outs, catalogues and other items can quickly accumulate and this can make the  space cluttered, which affects creativity. Take up the opportunity to clear some space when you’re renovating the office.

  1. Upgrade the lighting

Did you know that lighting can trigger headaches? In some cases, it can be a result of a slight flicker from fluorescent lighting or glare. Ask the workforce how they feel about the lighting and gather suggestions for the change. Choosing bright lighting is recommended as it’s ideal task lighting and will help with concentration.

  1. Brand it!

One of the great ways you can renovate your office quickly is to design it with your company branding. Make it personable, and a place that visitors will remember. Glass office partitions can be easily customised to be on-brand for your business.


  1. Future-proof your office

Do you think your office space could change again? Future-proof your office with office materials that can be re-allocated. Demountable glass partitions are perfect, as these relocatable partitions can be easily moved and reconfigured somewhere else.

To discuss your office layout ideas or to find out more about Applied Workplace’s office partitioning systems, get in touch with our friendly team on 01202 577 776. For a price for office partitions, use our free quote calculator.