Office Partitions will Maximise your Space

Glass Office PartitionsOpen plan offices still suit some workplaces, but not all. Sometimes it is more practical to partition a large space with office dividers. Employees who have more privacy within their own designated space may work more efficiently, thus increasing productivity.

If you decide to use office dividers you have two basic choices: solid panels or glass screens. Solid walls will effectively turn the space into separate rooms, while glazed office dividers will maintain an open plan ambience, but give a more defined space in which to work.

The Fastline range of office dividers, produced by Applied Workplace offers both types, along with exceptionally good service. The demountable partitioning is relocatable, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also allows for greater flexibility. If you decide that a particular configuration is not right for you it can easily be changed.

Provided you know the size in linear meters of your floor space you can get an instant online quote, but this can only be approximate. The next step is to arrange for one of the surveyors from Applied Workplace to visit your site. A full consultation will then take place where you can discuss your needs, examine any plans or drawings, and then select the style and location of your office dividers. When this process is completed, you will be given an accurate and very competitive quotation for the job.

You can be sure that the British-made materials used will be of the best quality. Architects and engineers will work with the surveyor to produce the very best results while complying with building regulations and other industry standards. Applied Workplace operates throughout the UK and offers a speedy service, usually taking no more than three weeks to fulfil an order.

The demountable partitioning system used by Applied Workplace for its Fastline and Quartzline ranges is very quick and easy to install. The modules are interchangeable, and come in a choice of colours and finishes that will blend with any interior decoration. The doors and modules are held in place by compression clips, so that services can run either vertically or horizontally within the cavity. Blinds in a wide range of finishes can also be incorporated. The levels of sound attenuation achieved by these partitioning systems are well above industry standard requirements, and up to an hour of fire resistance can be included if required.

Points to consider when choosing between solid or glazed partitions:

  • Glazed panels allow for a more open environment, with visual communication between employees.
  • Glass will allow access to more natural light.
  • The panels can also be fitted with subtle lighting, and company logos and liveries can be added in a range of colours.

On the other hand:

  • Solid panels will give your employees more private space, free from distractions.
  • Solid walls allow for charts, posters, maps, etc. to be attached if necessary.

Whichever type of demountable partitioning you choose, you can be confident that the office dividers installed by Applied Workplace will greatly enhance the working environment of your employees, and should lead to greater productivity.