Customise your Office Space with Frameless Glass Partitioning

Glass Office PartitionsWe all know that making a first impression counts. Especially in business. And one area where this is vitally important, but regularly overlooked, is with the office space itself. A company’s office can be one of its greatest assets and should provide a welcoming space not just for employees, but for client visits, meetings and events too.

A well designed and professional office space says a lot about your business. It will promote positive values such as customer care and attention to detail, constructively reflect the brand and products, impress clients and motivate staff.

And there are many ways to achieve this, such as with uniformity in design, the use of high quality furniture, fixtures and fittings, clear signage and inclusion of cutting edge technology. But one area that can often get overlooked is the walls themselves, and this is where frameless glass partitions can be your secret weapon.

Not only will frameless glass partitioning improve the flow of natural light throughout the office, divide up the space for optimum productivity and provide a flexible solution to the ever changing needs of the workplace, frameless glass partitions are the perfect way to customise the office space.  And what’s more, they are affordable, easy to install and relocatable.

Frameless glass partitions are at the forefront of modern office design and offer a large blank canvas, ideal for adding your stylish designs and logos. Because the glazed modules are held together with clear dry PVC joints, you are left with a limitless and free flowing glass design.

The possibilities are endless, but just some of the ways that frameless glass partitioning can be customised to promote your business and make that perfect impression include:

  • Company logos, typeface or other forms of branding can be added or updated.
  • Use of brand or company colours on all or part of the frameless glass partitions.
  • Standardise all your meeting rooms and offices to promote unity and harmony of space.
  • Turn your frameless glass partitioning into a modern piece of art by creating a unique design made up from sections of logos or fonts.
  • Add details to reflect location, industry or ethos, such as inspirational wording, maps and place names.
  • Clever designs on the partitioning can help to make small meeting rooms feel larger than they really are.
  • Consider innovative features such as curved partitions, sliding doors and soft closing.
  • Attention to detail is vitally important, so get creative with those fixtures and finishes to make your office space stand out from the competition.
  • High quality screens and touch panels can be mounted onto frameless glass partitions for all your room booking and display needs.

When it comes to creating the perfect bespoke design for your new frameless glass partitions you may want to make some initial drawings before talking to the experts. They will then work closely with your ideas on a site visit to offer a competitive range of proposals and quotes to suit your individual needs.