Affordable Ways to Revitalise your Workplace

Glass Office PartitionsThere’s no getting round the fact that we spend a lot of time at work. Whether this is an office, retail unit, warehouse, factory or institutional space, where we work has a very real impact on our mood, motivation and productivity.

So to help get the most out of staff and present a professional image to clients, it is really important that employers make the most of the working environment by keeping it clean, well maintained, safe and organised.

But this doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. Simple reordering, installing room dividers, decorating, cleaning and new furniture are all simple and economical ways of rejuvenating a tired workplace.

1)      Give it a clean. This doesn’t need to cost a lot of money, but it’s amazing how many offices, warehouses and shops haven’t had a thorough clean in years.

2)      Tidy up. By ridding your workplace of unwanted and out of date clutter, you may find new floor space that you never knew existed. This could be used for a new staff social area, storage space or even a new meeting room with the addition of some simple office room dividers. If everyone dedicated just an hour to tidying up the space, the job could be done quickly and without costing anything.

3)      Update old furniture. No one wants to sit on uncomfortable chairs or work at a wonky table, especially not customers who you wish to impress. There are many schemes for recycling old furniture, often for free or that will pay for items with a resale value. There are also good leasing deals to be taken advantage of on new or quality second hand furniture, so you can spread the cost.

4)      Reconsider the way the workspace is laid out. Easy to install and affordable room dividers can instantly transform an area. You might want to build new meeting rooms, a waiting area, private office space in a warehouse or new consultation rooms in a hospital, for example.

5)      Rejuvenate employee working stations. Investing where staff spend the majority of their day will do wonders for motivation and productivity. Consider installing half height office room dividers to provide privacy at each desk, but whilst still allowing colleagues to talk and without compromising on natural light.

6)      Branding and consistency in design. Help staff and visitors see the company vision and ethos. This can be very easily achieved with some well-placed logos, clear, consistent signage and the inclusion of company colours to walls or room dividers.

There are a few simple rules to getting the most out of your work environment. Firstly, large open plan workspaces are often unmanageable and unproductive, so use glass partitions or other office room dividers to create manageable zones. Secondly, make the most of existing assets, such as large windows and high ceilings. And thirdly, be health and safety conscious, so ensure there are no trip hazards (such as cables or old free-standing room dividers), that emergency exits are well signed and improve any inadequate lighting.