How Do You Temporarily Divide A Room?

You can temporarily divide a room by using demountable partitions. Demountable partitions are a type of non-permanent room divider which can easily be taken down without causing damage to floors or ceilings.

They provide a flexible solution as this type of partition wall can be removed at no hassle whenever required. This means rooms can be divided temporarily and adjusted, saving more time than with a non-demountable partition.

What types of material are removable partitions made of?

Demountable partitions materials can vary depending on the requirements of the user. Some people may opt for a demountable glass partitions for their home, or to meet the desired aesthetics they are looking for. As well as demountable glass partitions, you can also get solid partitions which offer more privacy. Solid partitions are often a better solution for those looking for soundproofing wall partitions, although double glazed glass partitions also provide sound reduction.

Not sure on how the costs for each partition material will vary? We can provide you with a free instant quote online.

What are demountable partitions best suited for?

Demountable partitions are suited to a range of different industries and purposes. These include schools, office workplaces, warehouses, industrial or even residential purposes. For example, solid partitions are great for businesses with offices who are in a temporary location or looking to expand in the future.

Especially for industrial purposes and schools, using removable partition walls are great for changing the layout on a regular basis. This also causes minimum disruption and won’t require days of working on removal. Additionally, warehouses and construction industries are likely to need semi-permanent partitions for the duration of certain projects. This makes demountable partitions an excellent choice for users in need of an adaptable and simple way of dividing a room.


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