What Is a Folding Partition?

A folding partition wall is an effective solution to maximising space whilst maintaining privacy and reducing noise levels. Folding partitions provide the support and structure of an internal wall, and has the added capability of being demountable so they can be relocated or moved around. The flexibility make them ideal for application in industries such as schools, offices, community centres and even residential buildings. Folding partitions can be folded either horizontally or vertically to open or close up a space quickly and easily. Similarly, sliding partitions are a cost effective way of incorporating the practicality of an internal wall and the flexibility of movable partitions.

Where can folding partitions be used?

Folding partition walls can be used to divide smaller sections within open spaces. Folding office partitions can move and adapt with the office, transforming any space with ease. Open plan offices are ideal for enhancing creativity and productivity within a workspace, and folding office partitions can add a modern element to any interior. Folding partitions can also be used in residential buildings, separating rooms within homes or creating a closed space for privacy. In addition to defining your building aesthetic, these partition walls are practical, non-intrusive and are fit-to-purpose.

What type of folding partitions do Applied Workplace offer?

Applied Workplace provides a range of folding partition walls with laminate, veneer and whiteboard panels, with the option of single or double glazed panels. With customisable designs and finishes, you can style folding partitions to fit your application. At Applied Workplace, we also provide solid and glass partition walls. Our solid partition wall systems are designed to be demountable, so they can be moved around and installed in other applications.

The team at Applied Workplace are committed to creating functional spaces by working with you to meet objectives. Find out more about folding office partitions by calling our team on 01202 577776 or get started on your project by getting a free instant quote online.