How Can I Soundproof My Office?

You can soundproof your office with acoustic glass and solid partition walls.  Although a completely soundproof office is not achievable with most wall partitions available on the market, a level of sound reduction can be generated that will be sufficient for workspaces. At Applied Workplace, we offer solid and glass office partitions with levels of sound reduction from Rw32db to Rw51db. Discover below the ways that you can reduce noise levels in your office.

Acoustic partitions

Noise minimising acoustic partitions reduce most noise pollution for a work environment free from distraction. Acoustic glass partitions are ideal for maintaining a sense of professionalism in an office space, with speech intelligibility perfect for private meetings and conference rooms.

Solid partition walls

Solid office partitions are a cost effective solution to soundproofing an office. Solid partitions will generally create a higher level of sound reduction than glass partitions and can enhance levels of privacy whilst minimising noise pollution.

Glass partition walls

Glass office partitions will provide a level of privacy by achieving low sound transmission. Noise pollution can be reduced even further with double glazed partitions that are 100m in thickness. Our double glazed partitions are constructed with aluminium framework and sound reducing panels, ideal for offices and meeting rooms.

Door partitions

Double glazed acoustic doors are an effective solution to achieving an excellent level of sound reduction in offices. To generate the most efficient level of soundproofing, we recommend frameless glass doors with an acoustic seal as a cost effective door frame. With Applied Workplace you can customise the design to fit your application and exact requirements.

Applied Workplace specialise in creating soundproof offices. To learn more about soundproof partition walls for your office, contact Applied Workplace today by calling 01202 577 776. You can also speak to a member of our team on our LiveChat for instant answers to any questions.