What Are Japanese Room Dividers Called?

Japanese room dividers are called Shoji Blinds. Shoji Blinds are a fundamental part of traditional Japanese interiors. They are essentially a type of partition wall that divides different areas within Japanese homes.

Although there is a variety of wood colours available for Japanese room divider designs, typical Shoji Blinds are made of transparent wood or paper. This is because translucent colours are better with controlling the reflection of light in the rooms of a house. As well as this, they allow adequate amounts of exterior light through whilst still maintaining the privacy of personal space.

Shoji Blinds can be installed to be sliding doors or free standing. This enables the flexibility with opening up or closing spaces and regulating the ventilation through in each room.

What partition walls are similar to Japanese Shoji Blinds?

If you are looking for a similar level of privacy than that of Shoji Blinds, a solid partition wall, frosted glass partition, or glass partition sliding doors will offer the seclusion you need. Solid partitions are not visible from the outside in and vice versa, so unlike a clear glass partition you cannot see through. This is an excellent choice for discretion and optimising privacy. In addition, a solid partition will provide a higher extent of noise reduction, allowing you to concentrate without the surrounding noise pollution.

If you are looking to still have a room divider with some transparency, frosted glass partition walls are a great solution. Frosted glass partitions still allow in natural light and a sense of openness coupled with concealment and separation. Opaque yet clear at the same time, a frosted glass partition is a great alternative to a Shoji Blind. Frosted glass room dividers come fully bespoke and tailored to whatever your design visions or requirements are. There are also a range of glass manifestations which will work the same way and you can even brand these to your company. Glass manifestations come in a variety of designs and can be uniquely constructed to meet your desired aesthetics.

Opting for glass partition sliding doors will enable to view the outside without any obstruction. Glass partition sliding doors improve the inwards and outwards flow, equal to the movement of sliding Shoji Blinds. Rooms can be connected and opened up or closed and confined for whatever purpose is required. Contrasting to a solid partition wall, glass partition sliding doors still enable natural light to seep through and minimise the need for artificial light.


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