Creative Office Partitions

Office partitions are an effective way to transform an office from a distracting and noisy environment to a calm, motivating place of work. Partitions are more than just a room divider; they can build a creative and fun environment to inspire those who work there.

There are two types of office partitioning systems; room dividers and glass office partitions.

  • Room dividers are interchangeable, colour customisable and mostly constructed of an opaque material.
  • Glass partitions are made from secure, soundproof glass with a modern style and seamless finish.

There are many creative ways to utilise office partitions to enhance a brand and improve workflow. View some of our favourite creative office partitions examples here:


AOL’s Palo Alto HeadquartersAOL--Office-With-Glass-Partition

AOL’s office in Palo Alto, California was built with inspiration from offices in the 1980’s and a modern vibe. The office has integrated glass partitions and room dividers within the centre of the office – each has a different function and design. For example, a casual meeting room is 3 parts room divider and 1 part glass partition, and the glass partition has decorative window film branded for AOL. Other glass partitions are dotted around the office and branded with a different theme.

Dropbox Offices


The offices at DropBox are one of the most creative and their utilisation of office partitions reflect this. By using the rule of three and creative signs, DropBox has cornered off an end of the office into three separate glass partitions and room dividers, which are artistically named after their function.



Zynga has used half room divider and half glass partition to create a balance between privacy and open plan. By installing different light fixtures within the room, it creates the impression of an entirely different space, creatively separating it from other spaces within the office.

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