3 Advantages of Faceted Glass Partitions

Transform your space with faceted glass partitions to create an imaginative space with a modern and high quality aesthetic. There are many benefits of basic glass partitions, including mixing up the layout of an office space, and creating structure in a busy environment. Faceted glass partitions can help emphasise this further.


How do faceted glass partitions work?

Faceted glass partitions create a curve by fixing several smaller planes of glass partitions together at an angle. This means that the partitions can create any shape yet can easily be relocated if required.

Advantages of faceted glass partitions include:

  1. Cost Effective

They are a cost effective and an efficient alternative to curved glass partitions. Curved glass partitions are custom made and require additional technical knowledge and tools to fit, which makes them incredibly expensive. The desired look can still be achieved with faceted glass partitions but at a fraction of the cost without compromising on design and quality!

  1. Space Savers

If the current space has awkward angles or the design requires a certain shape of glass partition, faceted glass partitions are adaptable. Add a meeting room in the centre of an office or a guiding entryway to a reception with ease with faceted glass partitions.

  1. Professional and Modern Aesthetic

Faceted glass partitions are ideal for creative office spaces or commercial interiors that want to emphasise their brand. A sweeping open faceted glass partition creates a bold statement and can be customised further with glass manifestation or a decorative film to provide privacy.

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