The 3 Benefits of Glass Partitions

Glass partitions to create private officesGlass partitions are an effective and stylish solution for dividing up spaces and improving the layout of a working environment by providing structure and privacy for employees. Glass partitions are ideal for commercial spaces, schools and offices and create an appealing space for meetings, private offices and more. They can also be adorned with customisable glass manifestations to emphasize branding and completely bespoke to fit any space. There are 3 major benefits of glass partitioning, including:

1. Privacy

A busy office environment with open planned spaces can be great but internal meetings, new business meetings and private conversations are impossible. Trying to sell a service to a client in a loud work environment does not give a good impression, so a more private space without feeling completely cut off is essential. This can be created in any part of the office with glass partitions from the Applied Workplace Quartzline range. The glass has a seamless finish, frameless appearance and an ultra modern style, which can be customised to suit corporate colours, if desired.

2. Re-Locatable

An increase in staff often requires more space. With re-locatable glass partitions from Applied Workplace, it is possible to change the location of the glass partitions to allow this and change the layout of your office to suit any changing requirements. Change the layout of your office without a permanent commitment.

3. Cost Effective

Glass partitions are cost effective due to their fast and easy installation and reusability. The installation doesn’t require any modifications to be made to the internal structure of the room, saving money if they ever needed to be moved! Furthermore, Applied Workplace provides a leasing option for glass office partitions – which include fixed payments, tax savings and no need for capital expenditure!

Consider glass partitions today and reap the benefits of private, re-locatable and cost effective glass rooms for your working environment. To find out more, please contact us on 01202 577776 or use our free quote calculator today.