5 Office Design Trends for 2017

Keeping up-to-date with the latest office design trends can be a challenge. With so many technological changes to the work environment, it can be hard to know which design suits your office best. Here are 5 office design trends your business can adopt in 2017 to stay relevant.

  1. The flexibility of demountable partitions

As technology advances, it’s important work environments are flexible enough to cater for new equipment. This can be achieved by a well-designed workspace that can be altered quickly to suit the task at hand. Installing demountable partitions is the most effective way to do this due to their incredibly practical design.

Glass Office Partitions

  1. Bring the outdoors indoors

With office workers spending up to nine hours a day inside, incorporating the outside world into your workspace is a great way to increase employee satisfaction. ‘Living walls’ are the best way to give an office a ‘green’ aesthetic, whilst adding glass office partitions is a great way to fill a room with natural light.

  1. Sharing is caring

A new trend for 2017 is co-working spaces. These are offices which house two companies, without splitting up the physical space between them. For a touch of privacy in the co-working area, office partitions are ideal.

  1. Look after your staff and they’ll look after you

Employee well-being is vital in any business. Investing in sit-stand desks is a great way to improve posture, whilst adding plant life around the office is a great way to reduce stress. For a more open and relaxed aesthetic, why not invest in glass partitions for your office?

  1. The rise of ‘breakout rooms’

‘Breakout rooms’ are the ideal solution for offices with little space and a noisy atmosphere. These rooms are secluded from the rest of the office and make the ideal space for meetings. Give your office the perfect breakout room with one of Applied Workplace’s stunning glass partitions.

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