5 Ways to Improve Your Working Environment

A good working environment has a big influence on employee productivity. Whether it’s the bonding between co-workers or layout of office partitioning, ensuring your work environment is appropriate is essential for a happy work force. Here are 5 ways to improve your working environment.

  1. The power of colour

Colour has a big impact on the atmosphere of an office. Whilst colours such as yellow and blue increase employee focus, red is perfect for increasing passion. When choosing your office partitions, it’s important to pick the most suitable colour for your business.

  1. Choose the right office partitioning

Whether you desire glass walls or demountable partitioning, choosing the most appropriate office partitioning is important. Whilst glass office partitions increase employee bonding and create a more open working environment, demountable partitions are ideal for giving employees sufficient privacy.

Glass Office Partitions

  1. A simple thing like tea & coffee

Ensure employees feel valued and rewarded by installing a complimentary coffee machine and water cooler. Whilst preventing tired eyes throughout the day, these simple gestures are likely to make employees feel comfortable staying longer if needed.

  1. Let there be light

The importance of fresh air and light is often overlooked in the workplace. Whilst opening windows is a simple way of letting in fresh air to relieve stress, installing glass partitioning is a great method of ensuring a well-lit work environment.

  1. Celebrate employee birthdays

If a close-knit working environment with glass partitions appeals to you, why not increase employee bonding further with a small gift on birthdays? This a simple way to make the recipient feel valued whilst creating a more caring working environment.

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