Office Furniture: Why Should I Finance it?

Financing a purchase has many benefits for a business. Whether you’re a new start-up or a company looking to reinvent its office décor, financing your office furniture is ideal. Here are a few reasons why you should use a payment plan for your office partitioning purchase.

Improve your business’ cash flow

Using a payment plan is ideal for businesses needing their office partitions installed as soon as possible. Whilst limiting the amount of money required up front, this instant installation of office partitioning reduces down-time and allows new business to start work immediately.

Make budgeting simple

Unlike other payment methods, financing your glass or demountable partition purchase includes a series of fixed monthly payments. These fixed payments make planning your business’ budget easier whilst helping predict future expenditure.

Save yourself the tax

With each paid sum in a payment plan, businesses save significant amounts of money through reduced tax. Whilst this is perfect for all businesses purchasing office partitioning, this is particularly attractive to companies having a tight grip of the purse strings.

Keep those credit lines

Unlike a standard purchase, using a payment plan when buying office furniture keeps credit lines free for other uses. Whether you’re purchasing glass partitioning or standard office furniture, this is perfect for start-ups making several purchases at once.

Bespoke to suit you

Choosing Applied Workplace’s finance method for your office partition purchase is a great way to have a payment plan to suit you. If your business is eager to finish the payments, why not increase the monthly sum for the remaining months?

Whether you are purchasing glass or demountable partitioning, financing it is the perfect way to save money and time. For more information on using finance for your office partition, contact partition specialists Applied Workplace on 01202 577 776 or email